Hands in Poker part

Hands in Poker partWhen you begin poker, it is not so easy to know everything about it. Most of the time, it takes time to be aware of the rules and more about the strategies of the players and use them properly. We need some time and patience to understand everything. Something important in poker is to know the origin of it as well. Poker was and it is still very popular in USA and most of the game finds its origin in America! So it is time to know a little bit more about the hand of the poker and some of them are about real stories!

King and queen

This pair has a few nicknames. You have the wedding, the royal couple, love and the royalty. This pair is composed of a king and a queen and when you lose with it you can call it the divorce.

A pocket kings

A pocket kings has a number of nickname. This pair is quite stronger than a pair of aces but of course it is lower than a pair of aces. So, if you receive it at the beginning of the game, you have probably a strong pair. We call it the King Kong, for the power of the animal but also the cowboy, you take your guns and you kill everyone with it like a real cowboy.

Pocket of queen

This one has a lot of nickname: Ladies, TwinSisters or Cow-girls or Hilton sisters. A lot of name are from the western because at this time the poker was very popular and any western comics such as lucky Luke has a poker tournament in it and everyone is cheating. Hilton sister is probably from Paris and a friend through probably the reality show “Simple life”. You can also call it Siegfried and Roy through two American magicians.

Pocket of jack

This pair is called Jesse James or James brothers. Jesse James was the cowboy and with his brother they were participating at the Secession war between the south and the north. They were defending the south and after the war, the 2 boys were completely traumatised. They started to attack banks, diligences and train to get the money that their mother lost during the war. After the war, their family lost everything and they have to refund a lot of banks. So this why they started to attack bank and… After a while, and after stealing enough money to survive with it, they decided to take their retirement but the government wanted their head and a rewards of $10 000 was offered to the person who could catch them. One of the members of their team caught the opportunity and denounced him and killed him with a bullet just behind the ear. He died and he brother went to the police and stayed a few years in jail.

It is a lot more nickname pairs but for today it will be enough and the time to digest them. Have fun at thefree poker sites and don’t forget my stories!


Table Position in Poker

pokerIn poker, one of the most underestimated and neglected part of the game is the table position. Basically, table position is the order of play where your turn is. So, why is table position so important? One of the best examples about the importance of position comes in the game of baseball. The home team, gets to bat last and that is one big advantage in agen judi online.

Online Poker is no different. It’s a huge advantage the later you are to act in the hand, because you already know how most of the players have acted, weather they have raised, called or folded. Table position can literally take to from a losing player to a winning player, that is how important table position is.

Poker Starting Hand

In choosing your starting hands lies the most important aspect of your position. You really want to be careful about the hands you get involved in when you are in the early position, while you can play a wide range of hands in late position, and make more profitable calls. Your position is now determined by your spot in relation to the dealer. Play goes clockwise from the dealer, so if your seat is 1 or 2 seats to the left of the dealer, this is considered an early position. If your seat is 1 or 2 seats to the right of the dealer, you are one of the players last to act, and considered late position, and everything in between is considered middle position.

Opponent’s Position Matters

When playing in the most reliable online casino sites it is very important to keep track of other players position because you don’t have facial expressions or other tells to figure into your decision on what your opponents may have. Before the flop it is very important to note that,player to the left of the big blind is where the play actually starts, then after the flop starts with the small blind. Don’t get confused, the small blind is in first or worst position even though he is second to the last to act before the flop.

Premium Poker Hands

You want to stick to premium hands only in the early position, these hands includes pocket Queens, pocket Kings, pocket Aces and Ace King. You don’t want to get involved with hands outside the four mentioned, unless you are experienced, because if you get raised or re-raised, at a great disadvantage there’s a good chance that you are beat.

Marginal Poker Hands

You can get involved in more marginal hands in medium position, such as medium pairs, or Ace Ten, Ace Jack and Ace Queen. The great place to raise or try to steal the blinds is the middle position, especially when everyone folds before you. When everyone calls you, it can be a better place to call and see a cheap flop, because with many people in the pot, players are less likely to raise.

Late Position Poker Hands

You can really start to open up your hands in the late position, playing any pocket pair, suited connectors (QJ suited, 87 suited, etc) or blackjack hands (any combination of 10, J, Q, K, A). A great position for you to call raises is also at the late position. In general you don’t want to become a calling station in poker, with the late position’s exception. The main reason is when in late position and you call a raise, then the raiser is forced to make a decision after the flop. Without knowing whether you hit or not the flop, he has to check raise small or raise big. This surely a big advantage for you.

In your next game, try to incorporate the table position with your own poker strategy and see if it doesn’t make a big difference!